Boost Your Marine Technology Knowledge, Avoid The Legal Risks
Get The Right Education And Training To Bring You Up To Speed To Understand Marine Water Technology In Legal Terms...
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If You Lack Knowledge About These Questions:

1. What are the requirements for an Impact Assessment Study for a new port or land reclamation?

2. Do you know and control the risks of your marine construction and shipping activities?

3. How can new technology lead to cost reduction?

4. Is the economics of my project also good for ecology?

5. Do you know what the technical specifications in a bid or partner contract means in legal terms?

6. Do you know the local regulations to get permits?

And All You Want Is..

> An overview of state-of-the-art technologies applied in marine dredging, construction and shipping industry

> To know the technical, environmental and sustainable implications of these techniques

> To be able to translate these in legal terms such as compliance, procurement and in risk management

> To develop your skillset to recognise legal implications of technology and to be able to avoid legal risk and costs.

Then This Training Is Exactly What You Need..
It Bridges The Gap Between Technicians And Non-Technicians And Provides Insight In Marine Technology In Legal Terms

As soon as you've entered your email address in the box below, we'll send you information about the training course and what you can expect, such as:

- Case studies on the importance of taking technical aspects into account in legal contracts and projects

- State-of-the-art technology on the latest techniques in dredging, nourishment, construction

- Ecological and sustainable impact of marine activities and how to enhance that

- and much more..!

Your Trainers:

Marisa Monteiro Borsboom

Legal, Risk Management and Compliance Advisor and Trainer

Elisa Perpignan

Ecology and Enviroment Expert and Trainer

Erwin Meijboom

Marine Water Technology Expert and Trainer

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